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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Song, Two Jaguars, One Girl

This Day in History: October 10, 1987
Tawny Kitaen catwheeling across two Jaguars in her white negligee

Are you familiar with the song "Here I Go Again" by English hard-rock group Whitesnake? On this day in 1987, it hit the Billboard pop singles chart in the US. If you don't remember the song, perhaps the saucy video will jog your memory.
It is one of the most iconic videos of the 1980s boasting over 16 million views to date! What made it such a huge hit? Might it be the actress Tawny Kitaen had something to do with it? After all, she just spends most of her time in a white negligee, writhing and cartwheeling across the hoods of two Jaguars (which by the way became the most famous cars in pop-culture history)! The two cars are parked next to each other like two lovers in heat and all Miss Tawny does is drive up the temperature!

For more on this story, visit This Day in History! In the meantime, here is the video:

 What catches YOUR attention the most - the song, the cars, the girl?