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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Made in America

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Given a choice of the same product Made in America vs. Made in China which one would you choose? Of course, before making that choice would you first check the price? Then, second, would you examine its quality? 

Interestingly according to the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 78% of Americans would rather buy an American made product! That's right, those carrying the label good ol' Made in the USA

To many it is a matter of pride and loyalty. It is a means of support for manufacturing on American soil. Production embraces jobs. Jobs mean money. Jobs empower security. Security enriches the economy. 

There are, of course, concerns and often disagreement.
One concern is confusion over the authenticity of the Made-in-USA label/American connection. For example, blueberries from Oregon being identified as a product of Chile, Florida Natural selling apple juice with concentrate from Brazil, pants being made in Vietnam identified as “authentic, active, outdoor, American” and ... (Source: Consumer Reports.org)

Another equally important concern is American-made products are often considered luxury and are overpriced. Most Americans can only afford to buy the less expensive goods, those offered in the cheap emporiums of imported goods.

Should these concerns deter purchasing Made-in-America products? I don't think so. Unfortunately, products once naturally connected to America, many considered icons, are no longer made in America in order to cut down on manufacturing costs. Even America's greatest past time, baseball, is played with balls stitched together in Costa Rica. How sad. They represent America. They ARE America. 

What are some products available that carry the Made-in-America label? AND, are they all overpriced reserved for only the rich and famous? You decide. . . 

- Archival: Bags, apparel, blankets
- Arne Mason: Leather carrying cases
- Blackbox Case: Wooden laptop cases
- Corter Leather and Cloth: Belts, wallets, key chains
- Fox River Mills: Socks
- Makr Carry Goods: Bags, stools, wallets, belts
- NATIVE(X): Totes, scarves, jewelry, mugs
- Pendleton: Blankets and apparel
- Pierrepont Hicks: Ties, bowties
- Randolph Engineering: Glasses, sunglasses
- Summit Creek Dry Goods: Wallets, key chains, belts
- Estex Mfg. Co.: Tool sheaths, aprons, buckets, holsters





- Audio Research: Audio products
- Braun Corporation: Manufacturer of wheelchair lifts and ramps, transit vehicles
- Case Knives: Pocket and hunting knives
- Colgate: Crib mattresses and pads
- Council Tool: Hand tools
- Edelbrock: Specialty vehicle parts
- Excel: Hand dryers
- Grado Labs: Headphones and phone cartridges
- K'NEX: Children's toys
- Geneva Manufacturing: Modular garage organizing gear
- Itsy Bitsy Ritzy Shop: Furniture
- Malpaca: Pillows and bedding
- Portland General Store: Grooming products for men
- Purrfectplay: Pet toys
- Sterilite: Plastic Housewares
- Tervis: Tumblers, drink ware
- USA Flag Supply: American, Gadsen, specialty flags
- Vandersteen Audio: Speakers
- Wholesome Hide: Rawhide dog chews

My additions to the list:

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Made in America 

America's Chocolate - Russell Stover Candies


  Support America! She supports YOU!


Where do you shop for products made in the United States? Share your resources in the comments!


Made In America (USA) Products


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