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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Lesson Learned

Bob Milke is a veteran. He served his country, your country, my country in Vietnam. He is also a great photographer. Visit Bob @ Northwest Photographer. Upon my visit to his site today, I read a short article most befitting to Awakenings. Since his site is Wordpress and Awakenings is BlogSpot I could not reblog. So with Bob's permission I present his article. . .

No Lesson Learned

As I look at this holiday season I have to hang my head low and wonder when the American people will wise up and learn a lesson or two about recent events. When we had $5 a gallon gas we were up in arms protesting the high prices and putting ourselves on restricted driving routines to cut down on our costs. When hundreds of thousands of us were unemployed and the country in the worst recession in our country’s history we stopped spending just to try and survive. A lot of us didn’t. So many just gave up, went on welfare and food stamps and even joined the growing ranks of homeless in our country. Ask the people who run relief charities if life has gotten so much better in the past year. I seriously doubt it.

So why did we see media coverage of record crowds pushing their way through door buster sales on Thanksgiving and Black Friday? When will we learn to stop spending like there’s no tomorrow? When will we save for a rainy day? If politicians don’t work out the fiscal crisis will we all again be wailing in the streets? I’m sorry, I no longer feel sorry for irresponsible Americans living beyond their means. Maybe we’d be better off if the end of the world, predicted on December 21st this year, were to come to fruition. :(

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