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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Moon, Croon, & Spoon...it's June!

Summertime is on the horizon!

School is out! It's time to be outside by the light of June's Strawberry Moon. It's a month when voices are filled with emotion, crooning, as "I love yous" lead to wedding planning. And spoons are constantly heavily laden with ice cold rich and flavorful ice cream. Summertime is when the living is easy, basking in the sun is a daily routine and partying down fills any empty nights. Summer makes its own kind of music. Which song best suits your summertime mood?

Slow & Easy...

Rockin' & Upbeat...

Being on the brink of summer means the temperatures are rising. As with any month, there is much to be celebrated so let's start with one to cool us down.

June is National Dairy Month. There is so much to enjoy on a hot summer day which results is some mighty fine chilling effects. The first on the list would indeed have to be ice cream! What is even more exciting is that this doesn't end with the month of June. Not far ahead is National Ice Cream Month - July. That provides us with two months back-to-back to enjoy those cold, creamy treats. Indeed, dairy goes way beyond just the scope of ice cream: yogurt (original, Greek, frozen), milk, eggs, cheese, as well as all the concoctions that can be created from any of these.
Not only do we celebrate dairy products all month long but we also will be celebrating colorfully, June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month! Color is nature’s way of telling us what nutrients are found in those delicious fruits and fresh veggies. Eating a variety of colors, from bright citrus fruits to darker, leafy greens, ensures the body gets the variety of vitamins and minerals it needs. Um-m-m-m? Fresh strawberries atop a bowl of vanilla ice cream...YUM! Don't forget the whipped topping!
It just keeps getting better and better, June is National Candy Month! Let's place a banana in the bottom of our dish topped with three scoops of ice cream. Lace that with strawberries and pineapple smothered with hot chocolate fudge. Then, to top it all of sprinkle with your favorite crushed candies! Oh, my!
We get to step away from the food for this celebration. Well, I guess we could enjoy some fruity, sugar roses or long-stemmed candy roses for a double, maybe triple, celebration. June is also National Rose Month in celebration of the rose's rich heritage and symbol of love that dates back thousands of years. A little trivia about roses...Since 1986 the rose has been the official National Floral Emblem of the United States. Roses are native plants to the United States and George Washington was the first rose breeder in the US. Why white roses are so special is no mystery - it's actually a myth perhaps starting with the Romans. Their belief was that white roses grew where the tears of Venus fell as she mourned the loss of her husband Adonis. 
Last, but not the end of June celebrations, is a zany one that accompanies Dairy Month. Are you ready for this? June is Fight the Filthy Fly Month!
"When April with it's showers soote, wets the flye and creates the root, mayhem ye shall see in June, when larvae hatch and payne goes BOOM." ~Geoffrey Chaucer, a new interpretation

Frogs, lizards and the great crested flycatcher maintain a steady diet of flies. But, humans do not fit any of these categories! Flies are the pesky little flying dentures, one of whose favorite buzzing places is a picnic. National Fight the Filthy Fly Month was founded also to battle the flies that overwhelm farm animals during this time of year. These include horse flies, midges, and the dangerous botfly. Remember, June is National Dairy Month so Are Flies Bugging Your Cattle? Create a dairy fly control plan!
OOPS! I know I said last, but one more must be mentioned. You just have to visit Awakenings sister site catnipoflife for more information!

 Stay tuned for many, many foodie celebrations are on June's calendar! You have a choice, which one(s) to celebrate, or not!

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