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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Double Chocolate's Cookin'!

Many things are happening on this day in February and two of them tempt the pallet so chocolatey!

February 5th is . . .

Chocolate Fondue Day

Enjoy chocolate fondue by candlelight!

For many 'one day, special day' designated days of the week, their celebrations are not true holidays, in the sense of Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring Break, so their origins cast shadows of mystique. Basically unknown. Today is one of those days. No one knows who created Chocolate Fondue Day, where it was first celebrated, or why it is celebrated every year. It is one of those bizarre yet funny days that has appeared unannounced on our calendar, inviting us to enjoy a chocolatey celebration: dipping our favorite fruit, cakes, cookies and marshmallows into a pot of delectable melted chocolate.

Origin(s) of Chocolate Fondue IS known... 

Now, all you need is a fondue pot to house the fabulous Swiss recipe provided at the link above from Chalet Suisse. Their recommendation for the chocolate is Toblerone and Tobler Extra Bittersweet. Swiss chocolates, of course!

Dippers for the smooth, delectable chocolate will vary according to personal tastes. A few delicious dipping ingredients include Madarine oranges, strawberries, bananas, shortbread cookies, cubes of sponge cake or day old banana bread, pretzel rods, Nutter Butters, marshmallows, Biscotti, homemade baklava, coconut macaroons, Rice Krispie treats, ice cream filled cream puffs...my, oh, my! The list is endless. What does NOT go with chocolate?

Under no circumstances should you forget the bacon! It has been called the Man Candy. Man or woman, kid or adult, the sweet and salty will get you every time coming back for more, more, more.

Eat to your dipping content...satisfy your chocolate-tooth on Chocolate Fondue Day!

Dark & white chocolate in a warm, delicious, creamy, and zen-like concoction.
Image Source: flickr.com

The chocolate does not end here if you like Nutella!

February 5th is . . .

World Nutella Day

Nutella is a creamy chocolatey hazelnut spread that continues to be a favorite guilty pleasure of chocoholics around the world. It's different, it's nutty, it's smo-o-o-o-o-th! It is not surprising that die-hard Nutella fans decided to start the Nutella Day tradition back in 2007. This sweet celebration was launched through social networks by a blogger and Nutella fan, and soon tens of thousands of like-minded Nutella devotees showed their appreciation for the chocolatey delight online.

A Bit of Nutrella History...
Nutella has been around since the 1940s originating as a solid block known as "Pasta Gianduja". A creamy version was sold in 1951 by Pietro Ferrero, who owned a bakery in Alba, Italy. In 1963, Ferrero's son Michele Ferrero revamped Supercrema with the intention of marketing it across Europe. Its composition was modified and it was renamed "Nutella". The first jar of Nutella left the Ferrero factory in Alba on April 20, 1964. The product was an instant success and remains widely popular to this day.
So, Nutella fans of the world unite! Celebrate the existence of this delicious chocolate spread by grabbing a spoon and getting creative with hundreds of Nutella recipes. Start your Nutella Day with a classic Nutella-on-pancakes breakfast and follow with a shaken espresso with a dash of Nutella. On this day, add Nutella to your cupcakes, ice cream, mousse, or even to savoury dishes. Your imagination is the limit!
Simple Nutella for Breakfast
Image Source: flickr.com

Slice of crostata alla Nutella for World Nutella Day
Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org
Nutella on French Toast
Image Source: www.flickr.com
Check out chocolate that's Salty & Sweet!

NEXT on the calendar...Go Fly a Kite!

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