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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Brothers & Sisters

Do you have a brother or sister? Are your memories laced with sibling rivalry? Well, today put aside all the times of fussing, fighting, arguing and take time to focus on the extra special bond that is shared between siblings. This bond is even stronger when one has a life-long illness or a disability. Why today? Because...

April 10 is...
National Sibling Day

On a personal note...

I was not blessed with a sister but do have the most wonderful brother with whom to share the joys and sorrows of life. We engaged in our share of rivalries and were drawn apart for many years. Today we are closer than ever and that bond continues to grow with each passing day. While we may not be able to visit each other as often as we would prefer, he is always no farther than a phone call away or just the click of a button. 

I love you, brother!

Wes & Me

Wes & Mossy

Wes & Me

Wes & Me

Wes & Papa

National Sibling Day is a day to appreciate and cherish our brothers and sisters. Siblings are truly a special blessing and probably all too often taken for granted. They are frequently considered as best friends and supporters throughout the walks of life. Another reason to celebrate is that not everyone is lucky enough to have a sibling(s). Their lives are significantly different growing up as an only child. This connotation, of course, follows them all through life.

There is a special bond between siblings, a bond that is not limited to any one race, religion, creed, etc. It is celebrated worldwide. The siblings' bonds are life-long relationships usually lasting from cradle to grave. It is usually the longest relationship of a person’s life and typically much longer than that of a mother or a father.

National Sibling Day can be celebrated in a variety of ways. It's a great time to be thankful for your sibling and let them know they are appreciated (most of the time). So, bottom line: get in touch with your siblings. If you did not know about this celebration until now, it is too late to mail a card or possibly send flowers, but it is never to late to let them know you care. Leave the computer, forget the email. Make it personal. Visit them if they live nearby. Call them, if they live far away.

How did this day of celebration get its start?

Claudia Evart is the founder and director of Siblings Day. The date of National Siblings Day is very important to Claudia as it marks the birthday of her sister Lisette (April 10). An even deeper connection drew Claudia into founding a day set aside for people to honor, recognize and celebrate the joys of having a sibling(s). Two separate accidents early in life claimed the lives of two of her siblings, a brother and a sister. In Claudia's words,
“Like many, I have these pictures of my brother and sister, who are both gone, but remain with me daily, not just in these pictures, but in my daily thoughts and in my heart. I lost both of them in tragic accidents, making me understand the everlasting bond we have with our siblings.”
Claudia Evart's tireless efforts have paved the way for forty governors to recognize Siblings Day. President Bill Clinton has supported it. However, we are not aware of any presidential proclamation or an act of congress making this a true "National " day. Ms. Evart is a freelance paralegal, born and raised in the New York City area and is a resident of Manhattan.

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