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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Calling All Coffee Lovers

Okay, all you coffee lovers, what is your knowledge of this aromatic, acidic drink that begins your day, uplifts your afternoon and often times lends itself to sleepless nights? It is so g-o-o-o-ood to those of us who indulge on a regular basis regardless of the day or night:) 

Would you believe that coffee has not always been the pleasantest of brew? When did it reach the shores of America and who do we thank for the elimination of the coffee grounds in every cup?

Click How Sweet the Brew to expand your knowledge base. . .


  1. I am such a coffee lover that my friends got me a plaque that reads: "OK. Hand over the coffee now and no one will get hurt." Recently read that two centuries ago or so (not sure when) toxic things were added to coffee grounds that had been weakened from overuse and had no flavor...to stretch them and make them look like they were fairly new. Reminds me of the pink slime being added to stretch hamburger meat.
    Thanks for sharing info.

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  2. I live in the Pacific Northwest where every corner has at least one coffee kiosk on it! It's inescapable.
    Thanks for this fun and informative post.